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5 easy & simple party appetizers 

Hello Friends ! :


Here i will show you 4 simple and easy party appetizers as the title says; That are sure to please all your guests regardless of their diet. When hosting a party is always difficult to try and guess which diet people are following whether it is because of a health issue, religion or belief. So here you have a vegan option, a meat option, a vegetarian option and a low carb one. Two of these : the cheese ball and the bean & legume salad don't contain gluten and as always all are made kosher style. All can be made two or three days in advance and just baked the day of the party , and the cheese balls just defrosted one hour before, which means the host can attend the party :):) (If you have been a host before , you know what i mean).The stuffed strawberries are a favorite among , they are usually the first thing to disappear. The beans and legume salad it's even better made two or three days in advance, because it has a chance to marinate well and it doesn't even require heating a stove or oven so ... yay!. I hope you can give this recipes a try , they sure have worked for me the past  8 years and are always the favorite ones. With the measurements given in the recipes it will serve 10-20 people if the party includes a meal . If it's just an appetizer party I suggest you double each recipe to feed the 20 people. As always I hope you stay blessed and try this recipes with your loved ones ;)

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