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simple rose gold party ideas 

Hi guys ! . Here you will see simple DIY ways to decorate a table using the color Rose Gold . In this occasion it will be for my little sister's birthday (not so little anymore hehe...), but it can be applied for bachelorette party, spa party or tea party . Since the theme are colors, it can be used for any age whether it is a little girl , teenager or woman . Here i will show the list of materials used :


Letter - Wood Crafting letter acquired at @Walmart 


Jars - 4 mason jars or use what you have at home. This can also be done at no extra cost with a little planning using spaghetti sauce jars that you may use in your daily meals .  


Paint -  acrylic metallic Rose Gold paint from @PLAID. For painting the wood letter. 


Artificial Flowers - (3) six rose bouquets at 97 cents acquired @Walmart .  I used four roses for each jar and removed the leafs. I had a couple leftover that i used for the cake . 


Scrapbooking paper - 2 pink, 2 Rose Gold, 1 Glitter pink and 1 White  | For the pink flowers and the stripes of the mason jars . You need six 1 1/2 inch strips for the four jars. The other rose gold paper will be used for the Happy Birthday Sign and the number 32 . The pink paper will be used for the pink flowers. I did mine with the silhouette CAMEO machine. The design used was the 3d aster flower, then i painted the center with the metallic paint . The glitter paper was used to do the 32 numbers used for the straws and for the favors . The white  paper is for the flowers for the paper bags, also made with the silhouette design rolled rosette . 


Vinyl Sheet - two Rose Gold acquired at @Walmart . One for the letter A and the other sheet to cut six 1 1/2 inch strips for the mason jars. 


Straws - A pack of Rose Gold Straws acquired @Party City . Then i attached the number 32 to them .  


Board - I have a Board i acquired @Burligton Coat Factory that was only $7, but i use for every party or season . I just paint it according to the color of the occasion and do a new sign. You don't need to buy one. An idea for this,  is just buying a white paper board from the pharmacy or office supply store, like the ones for projects. For this occasion I printed a photo for each month during her past year since her last birthday. You can also just select a few from childhood to adulthood or just favorite ones. 


Washi tape - one roll of @scotch expressions washi tape . To use for the favor bags. to make lines . 


Mini Brown paper bags- a package of mini bags acquired @Walmart 


Glue - @UHU and @sookwang double stick fine tape for the straws. 


Favors - bath fizzer. It can really be anything you wish even candy or a pastry. 

Menu - I did a simple menu of grain salad, stuffed turkey with cassava seasoned with turkey seasoning , onion rice, honey mustard potatoes  and to drink a simple flavored water. Just add a cut lime, lemon , four strawberries and a handful of grapes to two gallons of water. Click on the buttons to learn these recipes     



As always let us know any doubts or questions you may have and the recipes you would like to see or learn . Always enjoy the time with your loved ones ;)                           

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