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deployment party ideas 

Hello Friends ! :

Recently I found out that my brother in law was assigned to be deployed.  Many people would be sad , but that's not my family's style. Whether good or bad  we always choose to celebrate with family and friends. So we decided to throw a party with an Air Force deployment theme . 

For the table cloth :

2 yards of polyester 


Glasses - Were a big hit and quite simple. I bought dollar store glasses and in the Silhouette Cameo I downloaded one of the Air Force logos and traced it. I had left over marble vinyl from other projects and I just cut the designs and with contact paper transferred them to the glasses. 

Luggage tags - You can very easily with time and a bigger budget can order them online. However, I had one Yard of artifical leather  and dowloaded a luggage tag pattern and traced it and cut it , then added an airplane vinyl design. From Amazon I ordered the eyelets and the wire, for the name I used business cards and it fit perfectly inside. With the one yard of pleather you can easily make up to 30 luggage tags for about $20 dollars.

Candy boxes - I ordered them from Amazon. Just search airplane theme candy box and you should find many options  

To personalize the cookies and cake - The cake and cupcake toppers I ordered in Ebay. I just used the cupcake tops for cookies . Search for Air Force edible toppers and you should find many options. I must warn you that  if you live in a warm of humid weather this will be a pain in the behind to transfer, but not impossible. I used the freezer method for the cookies. For the cake however I ended up just cutting it and placing it on the cake because it never froze long enough for me to remove the backing 

Items made with the Silhouette :

The letters from the banner, the luggage boxes, the departure and baggage claim sign, the red airplane, the world for the donuts with the stars and  red and blue decor, the adventure sign for the cake, the letter M , the mail box for encouraging  messages , the instructions for the messages, the two little blue airplanes and part of the picture frame. 

Banner :

This was an accident find. It was previously place mats in the form of maps that were .68 cents... jeje and I divided them equally in six pieces .  

Dessert table :

The key for this is to get help from the store; you don't really need to make everything , because what is important is to spend time with loved ones and be part of the party . Not to be tired and doing things , because that's time you don't get back . 

This was very easy because it was just an ordered cake from our local Costco that feeds and "million people"jajaj for only $20 dollars. Two dozen of your favorite donuts ; stacked on a cake platter and then decorated. A cheese flan made by my brother in law's mom. This is another tip,Get help form family or friends . If they offer accept their help, it's just a way for them to show their appreciation . Rice crispies treats decorated with white chocolate and silver dragees. If you don't want to make them just used pre-made ones. For the cookies it's just a simple sugar coolie recipe with fondant and the edible topper

Mail Box :

This is a very simple, but touching detail . It  just encouraged people to write something to the person being deployed for him to read while being overseas . 

Appetizers :



I hope you can use this as an idea for any loved one you may have in the same situation and remember the most important thing while the person is deployed is to PRAY for a safely return, strengh and for peace of mind ;)

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