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christmas tablescape 


Since Christmas is around the corner , I will show you simple , easy and economical ways to arrange your christmas table . There are simple ways to choose ideas to decorate your table .  

  • First - Choose a theme. It can be a color, shape or  character and it should be coordinated with your christmas tree arrangement to bring cohesiveness to your home . 

  • Second - This is a very important one !! USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Don't go crazy buying new things every year. Try to buy basic base colors that combine with many palates (like gold,silver,black or white), also try to repurpose items from previous christmas. For example : In the pics above, the snow sign and the star used for centerpieces were tree toppers in previous years. 

  • Third - Napkin use . Whether paper or cloth a simple design can create a nice touch to the tablescape and something very economical  .

  • Fourth - Shop ahead of time .Choose a theme a year in advance , then wait for the current christmas season to pass and then purchase the items with incredible discounts. 

  • Fifth - Don't be afraid to mix and match. Things don't have to be perfect . The most important thing people will remember are the memories created and how they felt , so is not use to stress out. ;)  

I hope this tips could be of help to you. Let's remember the most important part of the holidays is to spend time with loved ones. Have a wonderful Christmas !!!! ;)

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